Technical Analysis is all about learning the Art of Making Profits in all market conditions whether rising or falling. Our Training course will make you understand all the important Power Concepts in the Technical Analysis, help you to learn to understand the Charts, screen out stocks, understand when and where to enter and exit and thereby trade successfully. This workshop is completely dedicated to Technical Analysis Techniques and how it can be applied for Trading Successfully in Stocks, Futures, options and Commodities.. The entire training is conducted by highly experienced trainers who are regular traders hemselves. We have online facility for those who don't have time to be here.

Advance Technical Analysis for Successful Trading Workshop is all about mastering the art of creating, back testing and optimizing Trading Systems. Our Training course will make you understand all the important Power Concepts in how to go about creating, back testing and optimizing Trading Systems and thereby trade successfully.  The course will be strategy driven and we will demonstrate that creating trading systems is not rocket science and
can be used by individual traders.

We are the pioneer in providing the quality education in the field of Stork Market Training, a new emerging carrier opportunity for new generation aspirants. You are aware of the growth of the stock market business. All banks are coming up with their own broking houses.  Other Non-Banking Financial Companies are also opening their Franchises all over the country. This results in a huge requirement of trained and skilled peoples and this in turn creates big opportunity for our students to get occupied in financial world.  Further
the SEBI has imposed the condition of employing the NCFM and NISM qualified peoples to all broking houses.  This in turn has also increases the chances of students to get absorbed in these organizations.

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Our Courses


All content of capsule course

VIP - Price, Volume & Open Interest

Importance of Volume in Price Pattern

Indicators as a Filter Technique- CCI, Stochastic, Momentum, William % R

How to take trades based on your learning

Continuation Price Patterns like- Ascending Triangle,

- Descending Triangle, Symmetric Triangle, Broadening Formation, Wedge and Pennant Pattern, Flag Pattern, Rectangle Pattern.

Fibonacci Retracement Line,



All content of Market Gripper Course

Present scenario of the market

Bollinger Band

Price Gap

Fibonacci Extension Line

Aggressive trend Line, Fan Lines

Golden Crossover and Death Crossover

Risk Management / Money Management



Course Content

What is trading all about?

Trading psychology?

Market Analysis - Technical & Fundamental

Assumptions of Technical Analysis

Types of chart - Line Chart, Bar Chart & candlestick chart

Candlestick Chart - Single Candle, Double Candle & Multiple patterns

Trend analysis - Uptrend Downtrend & Sideways

Lines - Uptrend, Downtrend, Channel Line, Support Line & Resistance Line

Lines - Uptrend, Downtrend, Channel Line, Support Line & Resistance Line

Moving Averages

MACD, RSI and ADX Indicator

Major reversal price patterns: Triple Top Pattern and Triple Bottom Pattern, Rounding Top and Rounding Bottom Pattern, Head and Shoulder Pattern, Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern

How to choose right entry and right exit in the trade

Live Market Analysis / How to take trade based on your learning

20 Power Concept / Golden rules of market analysis


Difference between Trading and Gambling

Diffence between EMA and SMA

Trading software knowledge like

- How to place order

- Market order

- GTC order

- Stop loss

- Trailing stop loss

- How to book profit and squaring of trade

Hedging Strategy

Divergence and Conversion

ATR (Average Tour Range)

Parabolic Sar

DMI( Directional Movement Index)

Pivot Points

Elliot Wave Theory

Dow Theory

Creating, Designing and Back testing Trading System

Fibonacci Retracement as buying and selling opportunity

Conversion of Support and Resistance Level

Cup and Handle Pattern

Short, Intermediate and Long term trend

Standard Deviation

Overbought and Oversold Territory

100 Profit Making golden Rules


  1. Correlation between global markets


ROC( Rate of Change)


EWI( Elliot Wave Index)

OBV ( On Balance Volume)

Proper Money Management & Trading Strategy

Golden Rules of Trading

Trading Cycle

Introduction of Forex Trading

Understanding of Quotes

Correlation of Currency

Andrew’s pitch fork tool

Gan Lines, Fan Lines

Equity, Commodity and Currency Market

Do’s and Don’ts in Trading

Breakout and False Breakout Strategy

Choosing the right market to trade

How can be a successful trader

Swing Trading and Momentum Trading

Intraday and Positional Traders

Primary and Secondary Trend

Analysing the risk and reward ratio

About the arbitrage

Portfolio Management and Assessment

Back testing and Live market analysis