Here at Financial Market Artist we train people, from all walks of life equipping them with necessary skills to successfully trade the Indian as well international market.

Whether complete beginner or seasoned professional, our approach of trader-led training can give you the edge needed to trade successfully.

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At FINANCIAL MARKET ARTIST you can learn how to become a successful trader. Benefit from our specialist facilities, learning material. Learn all the best methods and strategies of the market. We have online facility also with home study material.

Our training courses are geared towards individual or traders, novice or experienced, who wants to learn how to use the same tools and professional trading techniques as the professional traders on the Wall Street. We cover all the markets Equity, Commodity, Currency market for Indian as well as International market.

Company Profile

Financial Market Artist is a professional trader education company that provides education of Capital Markets. With the mission to empower people of India with excellent Chart reading/Market analysis skills We at Financial Market Artist are committed to teach our students in a very scientfic way. We Provide an enviornment filled with energy and enthusiasm which will enable them to learn Technical Analysis.

The objects for which the company is established are

!. To carry on the business of establishing, running and managing in India or abroad institutions, schools, training centres, colleges imparting basic or higher specialized education whether professional, techincal, vacational, higher or any other type of education; and to run courses inter alia for share market studies and capital market studies; and to provide training, business tips, management skills, online trading tips, share bazaar tips.

2. To carry on the business of education, whether online or otherwise, in india or abroad, in all fields of science, commerce, arts, management, engineering, law, stock market, share trading, currency trading, capital market, industial analysis, research, market studies, entertainment, medicine, hospitality, tourism, computers by organizing courses, running websites, publishing books, magazines, notes and other materials in typed, cyclostyled, video, audio ro any other forms/medias and to set up wide area and local network for educational,research and trading purposes.

3. To establish, run , operate and carry on the business of data and information
centers, trading centers, websites, advertisement and bureaus in India and abroad; and to enter in to Joint Ventures, or collaborate with institutions in India or abroad to provide them infrastructure assistance, management, funding, consultancy and other support.

4. To act as management consultants, corporate consultants, funds consultants, consultants in various fields such as forex, mone market, capital market, international funding, general administration, scientific, technical, statistical, accountancy, quality control and data processing, commercial, legal, economic, labour, industiral relations/public relationas, media relations, direct and indirect taxation, and to act as representatives and facilitators for individuals, companies and institutions for collaborations, tie ups, licensing and clearances.

5. To do and undertake all such acts or things which are incidental or ancillary to attainment of the main business of the company.

6. To acquire and undertake by purchase, rent, exchange or otherwise the whole or any part of the business, property and liabilities of and person carying on any business which the company is authorised to carry on or possession of property suitable for the purpose of the main objects of the company.

7. To enter into partnership or into any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interest, joint venture, reciprocal concession or co-operation with persons or
companies carrying on or engaged in the main business or transaction of this

8. To acquire and take over the whole or any part of the business, goodwill, trade- marks, patents, properties and liabilities of any person or persons, firm, companies or undertakings either existing or new, engaged in or carrying on or proposing to carry on business, this company is authorized to carry on, possession of any property or rights suitable for the purpose of the Company and to pay for the same either in cash or in shares or partly in cash and partyly in shares or otherwise.


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    Well my experience at Financial Market Artist is fabulous and here I learnt trading and presently I am trading at my own way and I found my financial freedom !! Well the way they impart knowledge is completely mind blowing as I recovered my fees during the course tenure.

    • Natasha
    • House wife
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    What I like about Financial Market Artist is that I don't have to look for the stocks that are moving, it show them to me. It also helps me to make a better decision when to buy and when to sell. Well after getting diploma from financial market artist , I got job in Anand Rathi as Research Analyst profile.

    • Anurag
    • Analyst at Anand Rathi
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    I have found our way to reach to mission from here. From 1st day it self all sessions have been knowledgeable and meaningful. The training on live market has provided me skills to establish my career in finance. I must say that learn technical & fundamental analysis and let's profit!!.

    • Ashima
    • CA Student
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    Main stream finance core knowledge I have now, after joining Financial Market Artist, This research center is using a very unique and practical approach to make a student self independent. Through out the training program I am utilizing all understood concepts on practical real time market and as a return I have achieved and resolved my purpose from here.

    • Falguni
    • Working lady
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    Well I did Advanced course from Financial Market Artist, and I learnt a lot. You can imagine my learning from my success. Presently I am north india's No.1 Broker from LKP Securities and Alpha Commodities. I personally say thanks to Harish Shahi for imparting knowledge of technical as well as fundamental however, I believe that I know the psychology of the market and my senses works automatically in the stock market.

    • Vijay